Hype Sounds

Hype Sounds is sound design and digital signal processing. Hype sounds has been a part of international collaborations and exclusive design for Grammy Award winning producers. We provide captivating sounds and digital audio plug-ins, allowing producers to make captivating sound right "in the box". Sounds are created using additive, subtractive, and frequency modulated synthesis; shaped further by dynamic filtering and FX, sounds can be automated with macro capable modulation to further evolve with time. Our plug-ins provide versatile audio manipulation in many digital audio environments. Hype sounds approaches digital audio from a unique perspective with a background in physics and mathematics, providing solutions for digital audio designed from fundamental principles.



Cmprssr is the nexus of digital compression plug-ins, providing unparalleled visual insight and control over the dynamic range. Cmprssr allows the producer information on the loudness, the stereo image, the frequency spectrum - all veiws visually customizable to be fully aware of the nuances of a signal while making decisions about its dynamic range. With built in presets for common dynamic range applications - Cmprssr is a fresh approach to a ubiquitous tool.