Hype Sounds boasts exclusive sound design and production for international artists and Grammy winning producers. Using Native Instruments MASSIVE (v1.3.0+) synthesizer, sounds are built from additive, subtractive and FM synthesis, with clever wavetable manipulation and modulation. Macro modulation allows for the creation of dynamic and customizable sounds that evolve in time with automation. Hype Sounds presets are tools for amateur and professional producers and musicians to make ear catching and unique sounds immediately.


essential massive sounds

Essential Presets pack provides massive presets across a scope of genres for a versatile collection of sounds. This pack is not only a strong working collection of leads, polyphonic chord sounds and basses, but provides varied and unique insight into concepts and techniques in synthsis and sound design.

16 leads - plucks, flutes, horns, whistles, saws, deep
23 chords - pads, organs, stabs, plucks, saws
17 basses - 808's, plucks, stabs, saws
4 kicks - crisp, knocking, distorted


signature sounds

Sounds designed to emulate prominent contemporary artists, across a variety of genres. This pack contains a collection of leads: kygo, flume, chainsmokers, dj snake, daft punk, kaytranada, avicii, calvin harris, disclosure, and many more. Signature sounds puts the versatility to make music in many popular styles at the fingertips of the producer. Designed to help you recreate your favorite artist's sounds in your own unique style.

19 basses - fm plucks, growls, stabs, pads
26 chords - saws, pads, stabs, plucks, swells, keys, organs
23 leads - flutes, sines, horns, saws, and many more


sublime tropical

70 sounds to create stunning tracks with a tropical vibe. Sublime tropical is loaded with tropical standards: flutes, plucks, vibe synths, brilliant leads, warm chords (including keys and stabs), and solid bass sounds to provide a foundation for your tracks. This pack features sounds popularized by big name producers such as avicii, kygo, thomas jack, matoma, and more. Sublime Tropical is the tropical storm in any producer's library.

26 leads - kygo flutes, rich plucks, anthemic fest synths, and soft leads
23 chords - warm pads, tropical plucks, percs and vibes, analog synth stabs
17 basses - rich plucks, deep 808's, smooth analog basses
4 kicks - crisp transients to cut through the mix
5 fx - sweeps and essential tropical fx percs


future beats

90 patches of tomorrow, today. Future beats is a diverse collection of sounds designed for the many highly experimental future genres. This pack contains booming basses and knocking 808's to power the low end, polyphonic sounds designed for chords like evolving pads, stacatto stabs, plucks, keys, and a diverse collection of leads. Future beats is a necessity for an experimental genre that is rapidly evolving.

32 leads - electronic arps, wide plucks, stunning saws, dynamic horns, and vocal formant synths
29 chords - filtered stabs and plucks, soft pads, bright organs, variety of saws
29 bass - 808's, gritty plucks, deep saws, distorted buzzes, staccato stabs


high on deep

Deep sounds inspired by house and derivative genres. High on Deep is 75 sounds curated to produce unique tracks in the diverse and experimental deep genres. High on Deep contains sounds designed with complex fm synthesis, sophisticated chord voicing, dynamic enveloping, and lush pads to provide the atmosphere that is signature of deep genres. Sounds are designed with a balanced frequency range and emulate a variety of contemporary deep artists. High on deep is the head first dive into house production; we thrive in the deep.

21 leads - flutes, plucks and saws as well as many miscellaneous and uncommon sounds.
33 chords - pads, stabs, saws, and more, and range from atmospheric to in-your-face in nature.
21 basses - fm plucks, staccato stabs, deep pads


urban essentials

80 essential presets for creating contemporary hip-hop inspired music. Urban Essentials is a collection of sounds curated to include both classic hip hop mainstays and sounds popularized by current artists. Urban Essentials features a wealth of 808's, analog and reese basses, atmosphereic harmonic sounds such as rhodes, organs, modern plucks and pads, popular lead sounds including horns, synths, hoovers, whistles, pitch bends, sine leads, sound fx and more. Urban essentials is the kick start to produce stunning hip-hop and urban tracks.

12 bass - plucks, reese, hovers, stabs
16 chords - organs, plucks, pads
8 808's - deep & smooth, distorted & gritty, pitch bent, etc
33 leads - bells, horns, whistles, sines, etc